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    Writing a queer-feminist diary (a workshop) 

    Writing a queer-feminist diary (a workshop) 

    March 21, 2024 from 16:30

    Július Koller Society, Nová Cvernovka


    A diary can be a simple record of life, but it can also become a tool for reflection, understanding and rigorous exploration, a space for teaching and learning, a nest of innovative ideas, or a lifeline in problematic (personal or professional) situations. 


    A journal can also help with teamwork, it can calm you down during online learning, it can help a person grasp controversial topics in discussions, it can provide a safe environment in situations where you need to express something but don’t necessarily want to share it with someone else. We will introduce all these aspects during the workshop. You will try out different ways and techniques in which journaling can serve your purpose and guide you towards your goal.


    We will show you how we have used journals, whether for personal purposes, in teaching children within the Czech Republic, or studying in Nepal and India. You will also learn that journaling can be transformed into a tool that transforms our individual perspectives into collective thinking and systemic understanding.


    The workshop will be held in Czech/Slovak.


    The workshop will be led by:

    • Lucie Jarkovská, a sociologist and feminist, who deals with gender-sensitive education and sex education. She is currently exploring the possibilities of using diary methods as a strategy for feminist pedagogy. In addition, she has been popularizing gender and feminist research in the stand-up duo Docentky, which recently published a new book named Feministkou snadno a rychle. She is also the author of Gender před tabulí.
    • and Martina Nosková, an English teacher and lecturer of diary methods. She teaches diary writing courses and popularises the practice in the media. She is dedicated to the use of diary methods in pedagogy not only in lecturing itself, but as part of well-being practices in the school environment.


    The curatorial project Hungry Is My Favourite Word consists of a series of events. Starting with the performance Siréna by Michal Dore during the opening. Save the date for the next one:


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    Design: Lubica Segecova Studio


    The exhibition is part of the international project Islands of Kinship: A Collective Manual for Sustainable and Inclusive Art Institutions, co-financed by the European Union. Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.