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    Martin Vongrej: Conjugation of a Line

    Martin Vongrej: Conjugation of a Line
    opening: 24. 3. 2022, 18:00
    duration: 25. 3. – 15. 5. 2022
    The Július Koller Society, Bratislava


    Let us suppose that a line on a painting is analogous to a verb in a sentence. If the line were to play the part of a verb, then it would have persons and tenses. The line is not inscribed in words and sentences – it takes place before we even start looking. What is before the line and after the line? The line is the thread that leads the blind man through the labyrinth of the world. It is in a moment of silence in which Martin Vongrej invites us to observe a line that has no beginning or ending, only dynamic and trans-formative duration. Conjugation of a Line is a continuation of the artist’s explorations of the thinkable and visible. Consciousness is a spike jabbed in the present moment around which perceptible time rotates.


    Martin Vongrej (born 1986) is an artist living and working in Bratislava. He first introduced himself to the international scene in 2010 at the Manifesta 8 – the European Biennial of Contemporary Art in Spain with his work Pozorujúce sa vedomie (Self-Observing Consciousness). He has presented his works at group exhibitions including The Process of Calculating One’s Position (NARS Foundation, New York, 2019), Useful Photography. Photography in Contemporary Slovak Art (Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava, 2018), ORIENT (KIM?, Riga; Bozar, Brussels; Bunkier Sztuki, Kraków, 2018), Non-profit & Profit (SpazioA, Pistoia, 2014), and others. Selected solo exhibitions: Seeing Thoughts (Phoinix Bratislava, 2020), Pre-nature (amt_project, Milan, 2016), The Meaning (Soda Gallery, Brati-slava, 2018), The Inverse (HIT Gallery, Bratislava, 2018), Seven Uncountable Lines (Futura, Karlin Studios, Prague, 2017), or 2014 (Moravian Gallery, Brno, 2014). He is the recipient of scholarships from the Kone Foundation (Saari Residence, Finland, 2014) and the Terra Foundation (USA, 2015). His work is represented in the Fondazione Morra Greco collection.


    The project was supported by public funding in form of a scholarship granted by the Slovak Art Council.