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    Květoslava Zavadilová: Květinka, The Life of Tiny Girl

    Book publication in Czech, Slovak and English

    Based on a manuscript from 1947


    Editor: Daniela Čarná

    Texts: Květoslava Zavadilová (Fulierová), Daniela Čarná, Daniel Grúň

    Photographs from Květoslava Fulierová’s archive

    Graphic design: Stano Masár


    Publisher: The Július Koller Society, 2022


    Intensely, I relive my childhood, the time which is always, under any circumstances, full of expectations, joy, and bloom. Perhaps this authentic childhood ends when one goes to school? Yet I know that even arriving in school, tied as it was to the fear and horror of the world war, could not take my childhood dreams from me, and even now, with my hair turned silver, I often get lost in them…    Květa Fulierová


    Back in 1947, fifteen-year-old Květa wrote and illustrated a chronicle of her childhood spent in the period between the two world wars. She gave it as a present to her mother, Marie Zavadilová, whose photographs are included in the book, published in Czech, Slovak, and English, as a testimony of childhood’s magic and of the importance of supporting creativity in children, a force capable of “changing this world”. The joys and sorrows of childhood are after all similar across all ages. Therefore, the book is as relevant today  as it ever was, and makes for great family reading for children and their parents or grandparents, rekindling our own childhood memories.



    This publication was supported using public funds provided by Slovak Arts Council.